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A Few Moments in the Big City

A small town girl taking a test in a huge fancy building!

I am currently sitting in an empty cafe of my sisters work building, which is located close to the Mall of America. My sister was amazing enough to drive me into city traffic early this morning so I could take a test needed for Grad School. Had she not given me a ride, I  (a small town girl) would have surely been lost and beyond overwhelmed. Now that the test is done she dropped me off in the cafe, and I am surprisingly enjoying the down time sitting alone only with my own post test thoughts and a coffee. 

Happy Monday everyone! Remember whatever your going through, God and a good cup of coffee are the strength you need! 

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Turn the Page or Close the Book?

My Mom, an amazing middle school librarian, just showed me a quote I had seen before but not taken to heart the way I did today.

Now that many of my negative and scary situations are in hindsight, I find myself feeling guilty for being in those situations at all. But I guess it   was that part of my life that I’ve learned so many lessons from and has made me who I am.

I’ve made mistakes, I’ve hurt others, and I’ve hurt myself, but I also can’t blame myself for everything, I was under the power of manipulation and fear.

I’ve finally closed that book. I did my best to turn the pages, but that book just wasn’t the right one for me! If you are struggling with finding strength in your life right now, I encourage you to think of this quote.

Should you turn the page and keep giving the book a try? Or is it time to close your book and find one better suited for you? It takes time and extra searching, but you will find your page turner that you never want to end.