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Confession Time

Alright friends… it is confession time because I cannot contain my excitement any longer! I…Hilary…am an X-Phile….ok ok before you start freaking out, take a second to read on! An X-Phile, according to Urban Dictionary, is a person who is a HUGE fan of the X-Files show. If you’d like to learn more about how this has affected my every day life, read the full definition hereit pretty much explains my full addiction.

Tonight is the night that all X-Philes have been waiting for.  At 9:00 pm central, the X-Files reboot will air! I think I’m more excited for it then I was for Christmas this year…sad I know! So in tribute to this X-Files reboot, I’ve got a cheesecake chilling, and have watched multiple old episodes today while I worked on lesson plans.  

Some of you may be rolling your eyes at my excitement, and some of you that know me may be laughing.  I would just like to say that I have been through some tough crap, like I’ve mentioned before I’ve had some of the best and worst experiences of my life in the past month. To be able to enjoy something so simple tonight is very meaningful to me.  

Everyday I’m learning to be a little bit stronger and more confident in myself.  Today I had a big awakening that validated all of the hard decisions I’ve had to make.  I have such mixed feelings, but it was a source of closure for me.  I am realizing that my life is forever changed and now I need to be strong and know I can take care of myself.  Girl power, right?

What doesn't kill you makes you blonder

“What doesn’t kill you only makes you blonder.”
           -Miranda Lambert


Hi there! I am a preschool teacher, baker, crafter, book lover, and nature lover! I look at the positive aspects of life and fully believe that when life gives you lemons, then it's time to make lemonade!

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