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Strength…Determination…Courage…We are Women

     Today’s post is for all women out there.  I have found myself grasping for inspiration these days.  Hoping that words of wisdom from others will heal this broken heart.  I’m still looking for the magic cure, but in my search I have found that there are all forms of broken hearts.  If you are feeling lonely, defeated, betrayed, or hopeless for any reason, you are not alone. But also remember you have every right to feel this way! Just because others are broken hearted, doesn’t mean you need to suck it up, it’s alright to feel the hurt, because from the hurt we grow.  

     Whatever you feel remember that We Are Women. We are made of more than just sugar and spice.  God gave us Strength, Determination, and Courage.  It is inside of us, we do not need to look to others for it.  So through the loneliness, defeat, betrayal, and hopelessness, remember that You, yes You reading this very post, have Strength…You have Determination… and You have Courage to get through this crazy, beautiful life.


Hi there! I am a preschool teacher, baker, crafter, book lover, and nature lover! I look at the positive aspects of life and fully believe that when life gives you lemons, then it's time to make lemonade!

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