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Thank You Teachers!

teacher pic

After years of hard work, ups and downs, stress, and wonderful memories… my dream of becoming a teacher is finally coming true.  On my road to becoming a teacher, I had so many amazing teachers who showed me that teaching is so much more than running a classroom.  It is having passion and heart for each and every student.  For believing in making a difference and being a positive role model.  I have had so many teachers show me this.

Thank you to all of the teachers I have had and have worked with.  You all have taught me how we can make a difference in each child’s life.  You have all taught me that each child deserves to be loved and given an education.  Each child deserves to be shown the world.  Remember teachers, you make a world of a difference! You are the ones who help to create the leaders of our world, the CEO’s, the small business owners, the athletes, the actors, and the future educators.

Thank you teachers, I am so proud to be joining you!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!