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Hilary’s Happenings: June

Wow, does time ever slow down?  We are half way through the year, it’s been over half a year since I moved back home to the small town I love and made so many changes in my life! Speaking of my life, each month I will be doing a catch up session for all of my readers so that you can get a little more insight as to who I am!  Feel free to ask my any questions that you would like answered down below in the comments!

What I’m up to these days:
Right now I am soaking in the beauty of Summer Break! This was my first real week off and I feel a little bit off with the free time, but I am figuring it out! I’ve started doing Yoga with my best friend Lacey who has a great blog you should check out here! I also have a new bike, a stylish one at that! My dad and I had to put it together so that was an adventure and I’m still getting used to riding sitting up so straight!

The project I’m currently working on:
You may have seen in an earlier post that I was going to start renovating a camper. I now have the fabric for the cushions and am going to get going on that! It is a daunting project right now but I think once I get going on it I will be less intimidated! Has anyone painted the inside of a camper before? I’m wondering what kind of paint I should use, and would love any advice!

The books I’m reading:
I just started reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. I’ve read several of her other books and loved them all, so I’m sure this one will be just as amazing! I’m also listening to Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchmen, which is narrated by Reese Witherspoon.  I had read the book and it’s one of my favorites, but hearing Witherspoon read puts a whole new spin on it!

What I’m listening to:
I’m currently listening to three different podcasts, The Black Tapes, Tanis, and a newer one called Alice Isn’t Dead. I’m a mystery junkie so these podcasts are perfect for me!  As for music I am still listening to my Girl Power playlist I made. Featured on this playlist are Elle King, Miranda Lambert, and Kacey Musgraves.  If your ever in need of some girl power and a pick me up, I encourage you to listen to their music!

What I’m baking:
Rhubarb Pie! It is a popular pick for people this time of year. I also just made Dark Chocolate Almond Milk Ice Cream.  It is great for people who are lactose intolerant but need their ice cream fix!  It is also much healthier that buying a tub of chocolate ice cream.

What I’m Watching:
I currently am watching the series Fringe. I was told it would help feed my X-Files addiction and it does!  I have also taken a liking to the new series Houdini and Doyle!  If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out!

What I’m Loving Right Now:
The outdoors! It is so green and beautiful here in Southern Minnesota. The crops are up in the fields, making them waves of green.  All of the flowers are in full bloom adding color all around.  Last weekend was a little hot for my liking.  I’d refer to it as being “hotter than a goat’s butt in a pepper patch.”  This week has been much tolerable although still warm.  We had a very storm day on Tuesday with heavy rain, lightning, hail, and of course some tornadoes around the area…. Oops, I just realized I was going on and on about the weather…I am a Minnesotan after all!


Hi there! I am a preschool teacher, baker, crafter, book lover, and nature lover! I look at the positive aspects of life and fully believe that when life gives you lemons, then it's time to make lemonade!

One thought on “Hilary’s Happenings: June

  1. hotter than a goat’s butt in a pepper patch <welp, that's just about one of the best expressions I've ever heard in my lifetime 🙂 LOL! Thanks for sharing. Also I'd LOVE to make a rhubarb pie, too. Love your list (and the fact that you assembled a bicycle–go you!).


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